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A place in thy memory, dearest, 
Is all that I claim,
To pause and look back when thou hearest 
The sound of my name.
Another may woo thee nearer,
Another may win and wear;
I Care not, though he be dearer,
If I am remembered there.

Could I be thy true lover, dearest, 
Couldst thou smile on me,
I would be the fondest and nearest 
That ever loved thee.
But a cloud o'er my pathway is glooming
Which never must break upon thine,
And Heaven, which made thee all blooming,
Ne'er made thee to wither on mine.

Remember me not as a lover 
Whose fond hopes are crossed,
Whose bosom can never recover 
The light it has lost;
As the young bride remembers the mother
She loves, yet never may see,
As a sister remembers a brother,
Oh, dearest, remember me.


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